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Looking at Life Styles. The summer house, which belongs to a Connecticut businessman, was selected after months of research on suburban life styles. Perry sent squads of advancemen into malls across Long Island to learn how suburban women dress, compiled lists of the knickknacks that litter suburban station wagons and scouted hundreds of houses in dozens of Long Island suburbs in a search for the right suburban setting. The further out you are, the better off you are.

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This is very similar to Roslyn or Great Neck. That description may bruise the feelings of property owners in this exclusive oceanside resort. But it will not be the first time that the string of hamlets and villages that compose eastern Long Island have been passed off as something they are not.

The dunes of Montauk, for instance, were transposed into Middle Eastern deserts in the classic ''The Sheik,'' said Thomas Hanlon, director of the Suffolk County Motion Picture Commission, which promotes the county to the industry. When moviegoers watched Rudolph Valentino, ride across the desert as an Arab chieftain, he was in fact traversing Montauk's dunes, 90 miles from Manhattan. Hanlon said, ''Suffolk County has farmland that looks like the Midwest, loads of forests that seem like the Black Forest, cliffs that look like the White Cliffs of Dover, windmills all over that make us look like Holland, Tudor villages that can emulate England and mansions, mansions and more mansions.

The topographical diversity - ponds, bogs, marshes, fields, bays, dunes and acres of pine barrens and oak shrubs - has made the area into something of an architectural playground. It has suburban town houses next to shingled New England salt boxes and angular fantasies that look like nuclear reactors. Several other recent films, including a television movie supposedly set on a rocky island in Maine, have been shot in East Hampton, he said. In any given year, he said, perhaps half a dozen television commercials and a feature film or two are shot in eastern Long Island.

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For local merchants, the movies provide an economic shot in the arm, an unexpected bonus. When biting cold struck last year during the shooting of ''Invasion of Privacy,'' the crew bought every pair of warm boots on sale in nearby Greenport, Mr. Hanlon recalled. Suburban life styles, it seems, also confront film makers with thorny strategic problems. Suburbanites, Mrs. Isaacs said, spend too much time at home to satisfy Hollywood's craving for action. Isaacs, who wrote the screenplay in consultation with Mr. That forced Mrs. Isaacs to rewrite her semiautobiographical book for the movie.

One telephone conversation between the two principal characters, played by Susan Sarandon and Judith Ivey, was switched to an outdoor ice- skating ring. Isaacs said. These changes, she said, have emphasized the book's themes - the relationships between suburban homemakers and the difficulty they have finding meaning in their daily lives. Includes Address 2 Email 1. Resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Includes Address 1. Resides in Waukegan, IL. Resides in Havertown, PA. Includes Address 9 Phone 2 Email 1. Resides in Akron, OH. Christopher John Hanlon, Resides in Manhasset, NY. Includes Address 12 Phone 9 Email 5.

Resides in Mastic, NY. Includes Address 8 Phone 13 Email Kenneth Christopher Hanlon, Resides in Palm Bay, FL.

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Includes Address 1 Phone 3 Email 3. Resides in Waterman, IL. Includes Address 11 Phone 5 Email 4. Resides in Philadelphia, PA. Includes Address 7 Phone 2 Email 2. Christopher Patrick Hanlon, Resides in High Point, NC.

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Includes Address 7 Phone 6 Email Resides in Smithtown, NY. Includes Address 6 Phone 5 Email 2. Resides in Chico, CA. Related To Zachary Hanlon. Includes Address 4 Phone 5 Email 2. Resides in Cave Creek, AZ. Includes Address 8 Phone 2 Email 3. Resides in Eagle Bay, NY.

Davies craig 0409

Includes Address 1 Phone 2. Christopher William Hanlon, Resides in Austin, TX. Related To Virginia Hanlon.

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Includes Address 13 Phone 4 Email 3. Resides in Bellmore, NY. Lived In Patchogue NY. Also known as Chris Hanlon. Includes Address 2 Phone 1. Christina Kathleen Brown, Resides in White Lake, MI. Includes Address 11 Phone 4 Email 2.