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Can you help? There are two sets of Birth, Marriage and Death indexes in the UK; the original indexes held by the local register offices and a secondary index created by the G eneral R egister O ffice.

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The menu buttons on the left provide sets of links to websites that contain both primary and secondary indexes. As always, you are recommended to look through the primary sources first, before looking through secondary records.

Since all births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales have had to be registered at the register office in the district where the event took place. Genealogists and Family Historians can make use of these registrations to help create their family tree, working backwards from the present day to the start of civil registration.

The original indexes to these registers are held by the local register offices and many of these indexes are now being transcribed by the local authorities in conjunction with Family History Societies, and the data placed on-line in a variety of websites.

Information about the registration districts and register office addresses can be found on the Registration Districts in England and Wales pages. The websites with indexes based on the original registers can be seen when you click on the Local BMD button in the menu to the left. We are asking for the records, at the actual cost of producing them, meaning with a single date range query, plus the cost of the USB stick.

If they really need to bring in specialized IT contractor for a few hours to make all that happen, we would cover his costs, too. Which they did try, so far unsuccessfully.

A Genealogy Records Guide

You can follow the progress of this request in realtime through Missouri Case. After several months of haggling about the price of these records under the Missouri Sunshine Law, the Department of Health and Senior Services attempted to claim to us that these records were not actually available under the law at all. Our attorney responded to the Department's letter, wherein he helpfully pointed out to them that they were breaking the law. He also warned them that we would be filing a lawsuit if they did not comply with the Sunshine Law.

Texas Vital Statistics – Birth or Death Certificates

Having received no answer to our attorney's letter, we filed in court against the Department in the Circuit Court of Cole County, Missouri on November 23, After they failed to provide information about multiple e-mails they had refused to turn over in discovery, we filed a notice of deposition on October 15, to make them finally talk about all the e-mails they didn't want us to see, and why.

In this letter, our attorney Bernie Rhodes lays out the long history of the four different Assistant Attorneys General of Missouri refusing to cough up hundreds of supposedly "privileged" e-mails, and sets a deposition date of December 11, Missouri DHSS refused to turn over hundreds of internal e-mails and documents to our attorney, claiming they were privileged, but then refused to explain why they were privileged, even when in a closed deposition.

So in January we filed a Motion to Compel Production, to force them to turn over the files. Here's thirty-six more pages of fun. The sub-heading titles include "Looking for dirt on Reclaim the Records" and "The secret plan to deny Ms. You know, the usual behavior you'd expect from a state government agency.

Ohio Vital Records

The founder and president of Reclaim The Records, who originally filed the two Sunshine Law requests in this suit, gave her affidavit to the court When we got a trove of their e-mails in discovery, we found one from the former Missouri State Registrar Garland Land, who blatantly advised DHSS to break the Missouri Sunshine Law by only responding with "mounds of paper" rather than the database version required by the Sunshine Law, and to also make us request each date individually, rather than a date range.

State or Vital Records Jurisdiction: Missouri. Law: Missouri Sunshine Law. Record Type: Death Records.

State Library Victoria

Record Physical Format: Database format. Number of Records Estimated : Unknown. Me: I read you loud and clear. Our EIN is A problem of calculating the actual costs The Department has apparently been using this birth and death data for years as a revenue source, charging researchers and scientists for access to birth and death index data by the day , rather than making all of the records open data.

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