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How to access Texas Public Divorce Records

Find information on filing for free, how to prepare for court, working with a bankruptcy trustee, and more. Find links to local courts and legal aid organizations further down the page. Harris County Constable Precinct 3 Information Sheet: Protective Order, Restraining Order, Peace Bond - Information regarding eligibility for and processes to obtain a protective order, restraining order, and peace bond with citation to relevant statutes.

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Call for appointment information. Visit the website or call for details and requirements. A person must be a domiciliary in Texas for at least six 6 months to file for divorce in Texas. Additionally, a person must reside in Harris County, Texas for at least 90 days prior to filing their divorce petition in Harris County. Both parties do not have to meet these requirements.

Office of Harris County District Clerk - Marilyn Burgess | Home Page

Either the Petitioner or the Respondent can meet these requirements to file for divorce in Harris County, Texas. However, just because the Petitioner meets the residency requirement mentioned above to file for divorce in Harris County, Texas, that alone does not mean that one can get a divorce in Harris County, Texas. The courts would need to have personal jurisdiction over the other party. There are various statutes that may give Harris County, Texas, courts jurisdiction over a non-resident of Texas, thus enabling the court to proceed with the divorce.

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The second bit of helpful information you should know about divorce in Harris County, Texas is that if you and your spouse have children born during the marriage, you may need to complete a Parent Education Program. For a list of Parent Education programs offered in the Houston, Texas area, please visit www. If you show up on trial date and ask for a continuance or announce ready for trial, some judges may dismiss your case if neither of the parties have taken the parenting class. On occasion, some judges in Harris County, Texas are likely to dismiss your divorce case even if you announce an agreement, if one party has not taken the required parenting class.

One thing for sure is that a parenting class can never do any harm to your case. The third thing you should know about getting a divorce in Harris County, Texas is that you should always try to hire a lawyer that is familiar with the local rules and judges of the District Courts of Harris County, Texas. For instance, in any hearing for temporary orders in which child support or spousal support is an issue, completion and exchange of Financial Information Statements, copies of income tax returns for the past two years, and the two most recent payroll stubs are required prior to the commencement of the hearing.

You do not want to show up for a hearing, only to discover that your lawyer did not comply with the rules of the court; therefore, making your request and argument less effective to the court. There are currently nine District family courts in Harris County, Texas and each court has two judges; therefore, the better your lawyer knows the judges, the better he can advise you on what he or she thinks will persuade the judge to grant your relief.

Hiring an attorney familiar with the Harris County District Family judges will generally save you time, frustration, and money. The fourth thing you should know about getting a divorce in Harris County, Texas is that if child custody is an issue at a Temporary Orders Hearing, most courts will require that the parties attend mediation prior to having the hearing. Many courts will also require the appointment of an ad litem or amicus attorney to represent the best interest of the children if custody is an issue.

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These attorneys who are sometimes appointed to represent the best interest of the children become very helpful in settling a hotly contested custody case. The parties are responsible for the payment of the attorney fees for the appointed attorney. However, when custody is an issue in Harris County, Texas, and a party feels that it is necessary for the judge to interview a child, most courts follow Local Rule 3.

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In all cases in which the court deems testimony of a child to be necessary or required by statute, the attorney wishing to have the child interviewed shall arrange a specific time through the court coordinator for the court to interview the child. The child shall not be brought into the courtroom without the express consent of the judge or associate judge. Another bit of information that is helpful when getting a divorce in Harris County, Texas, is the procedure for a particular court when serving someone by publication. Generally, many people come into my office thinking it will be faster and cheaper to get divorced when they have no idea where their spouse is living now.

That is a false assumption. Most courts in Harris County, Texas will appoint an ad litem attorney to represent the interests of their missing spouse.

If you do not know where you spouse is, the court will generally appoint someone to attempt to locate them so that they can be served personally. Some courts will approve no appointment of an ad litem in a publication divorce if there is an affidavit of no children born during the marriage. It is usually easier if you do not want to modify anything in the previous order regarding the children.